I know I’ve been posting a lot about dressing up our cats, but to be fair, we HAVE been dressing them up a lot

So, two of the cats’ birthdays were this past week (Tabitha and Piper) and I actually know their birthdays as opposed to Quinny’s, who I have a general idea about (Jul 10thish) and Milo’s, who I’m not even sure how old he is, let alone privy to his exact birthday. I mentioned to Matt via […]

Snowmaggedon arrives at our house, I react accordingly, by which I mean I pretty much sit on the couch the whole time

So, we had a huge snow storm here in MA this last weekend. I am notorious for doing stupid things in bad weather (see here for the amazing story of how I overcame my parents’ icy driveway and scared the bejeezus out of every resident squirrel nearby) but I stayed off the roads during this […]

“I know kung fu.” No, I definitely don’t but maybe I will soon!

From Friday night through Saturday night (with an obvious sleep break), Matt and I got on a martial arts film kick. Dissatisfied with the dismal selection of current moves on Netflix streaming, we branched out into foreign films. They have a surprisingly good selection, although, as we found out, a bunch of them are dubbed. […]