About Me


Hey! It’s me! Devon!

Yes, I am fully aware that it should be “I” and not “me” but this is my space, so BACK OFF. JK. :)

I started this blog in 2004. It morphed from a place where I posted funny articles to a place that allows me to let my yelly jerk run free. (Sorry Mom and Dad!) It’s the stuff that makes me “me.” Topics fling around. Maybe my cats will be featured in costumes they hate, sometimes it’s stupid stuff I do ( I do a lot of stupid stuff), it could be about living with depression, adhd, and anxiety, or I might start spouting vitriol at things that drive me nuts. Be prepared for profanity. I fucking love swearing. Consider yourself warned.

If you like animals, you should check out my other blog, Minding the Minis. I photograph and write about my volunteer work at an animal sanctuary and living with a gaggle of pets.

Thanks for stopping by!

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