Cheetos! Who knew?

While only a part-time purveyor of their tasty crunchy snacks, I do find the current Cheetos commercial campaign Hi-LAR-ious! First off, that debonair English accent that Chester sports? “Yeeees, we know.” Love it! And did you see that guy dance??? ~ I fell hard for this one first, though. Chopsticks on repeat? Check. Withering looks? Check. […]

Not that there’s anything funny about the Bernard Madoff scandal, but…

I’d like to report that while listening to NPR on my commute home, the radio reporter (is that what they’re called?) tried to say that Bernard Madoff was being brought up on fraud charges but instead of saying “Fraud Charges,” she said, “Fart Charges” and I almost drove off of the road, I was laughing […]


Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to brunch. Sitting next to us was a family from a foreign country, most likely a slavic one. As they sat there eating their food, an older woman approached them. She leaned in conspiratorially and said, “My husband didn’t want me to ask you this, but I’m going to […]