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Not really sure that this post even needs words to go along with it…

July 20, 2013


Tabitha makes a lovely elephant, don’t you think?


Everybody looks SUPER happy in this one!


Piper’s just making sure that Milo is ok. He is. He told me! He was all, “Thanks, mom, for my super awesome monkey sweatshirt! I’d like to wear it every day, please.”

(Or he rolled around on the floor trying to get it off…)

Ahhh, cats in clothes.

Have a great week!

Not only did I chop it all off, now I have bangs for the first time!

April 14, 2013

Well, it’s been cut and donated! Please take a look at the story of how I grew my hair long enough to have two eight inch ponytails to donate. Or I pretty much just summed it up for you. I measured it a few weeks ago and it was FINALLY long enough to cut! I spent that last week in every hairdo that I’ll be missing in the upcoming months (double french braids, lots of buns, more braids, really it was just a major braid festival on my head) and woke up excited about our trip to Connecticut to celebrate my dad’s birthday and to chop it all off!

I entered my parents’ house looking like this:


Here’s the back view:


And off my mom and I went to her hair salon. My mom treated me by springing for the owner, Cher, who does her hair. Total Look in Southport CT does an excellent job on my mom’s hair each month and did an amazing job for my wedding.

From that point, things got official with measuring sticks, scissors and electric shavers.


So ready for this! It felt great when the scissors worked their way through the first cut.


Ready for the next cut! (I think there was the thought that I might want to stop here passing through everyone’s heads. Nope!) Keep going, Cher!


This was when the clippers were needed since my hair is so thick.


Bzzzzzz. Bye hair!


SHORT!!!! Onto the next big thing: Bangs!! I’ve never had bangs before. I queried Cher about it and her immediate response was, “Yes! Bangs!” And so, here’s what I looked like when I left the salon!


(Technically, it’s what I looked like when we were dying Easter eggs for the super competitive family hunt that was to occur the next morning. More on that later…)

Here are the pony tails! About to be packed up and sent off to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.


Check out the program here and please donate your hair. It’s for a wonderful cause and, at least for me, feels really great when you do it!

I’m on Twitter being weird, if you like that sort of thing. I just started a new job, so my posts (both here and there) are a bit more infrequent as I adjust to my new schedule but I am coming back strong shortly. Have a great week!

I know I’ve been posting a lot about dressing up our cats, but to be fair, we HAVE been dressing them up a lot

March 24, 2013

So, two of the cats’ birthdays were this past week (Tabitha and Piper) and I actually know their birthdays as opposed to Quinny’s, who I have a general idea about (Jul 10thish) and Milo’s, who I’m not even sure how old he is, let alone privy to his exact birthday. I mentioned to Matt via loud shouty text message that it was their birthdays (thanks for the reminder, Petco!) and left it at that.

Matt came home bearing food (uh, we had run out. a day earlier. oops.) and toys (he bought them birthday presents!). He’d also coming bearing gifts for me since the cats certainly weren’t going to be happy about these presents. Sweaters!!! I remember a time when Matt said, “No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances are we dressing the cats up.” And then this happened. And then this. And now he’s buying them outfits…So now he’s on the “well at least if it’s only to torture them, I’ll do it” train. And torture them we did.

Piper immediately climbed into the shoe box and pressed his body as close to the bottom of it as he could. Then he slunk out and pinned his body to the floor, glaring at us every once in a while.


Tabitha took over the box and showed off her pretty princess self.


Both were THRILLED when we released them from their prisons.

Being busy is NO excuse for not writing!!!

March 17, 2013

But it’s definitely mine at the moment. More coming SOON!!!!!

Snowmaggedon arrives at our house, I react accordingly, by which I mean I pretty much sit on the couch the whole time

February 14, 2013

So, we had a huge snow storm here in MA this last weekend. I am notorious for doing stupid things in bad weather (see here for the amazing story of how I overcame my parents’ icy driveway and scared the bejeezus out of every resident squirrel nearby) but I stayed off the roads during this one. I did, however, lead Matt at one point to exclaim, “What the hell are you doing?” Me, “What do you mean?” “You’re dressed like a homeless person.” Granted, I was outside in my bathrobe, pajamas, snow boots and my wolf hat (see here for a photo said glorious hat) taking photos of the giant piles of snow. “Whatever.”


Still snowing…


They won’t be using their front door for a while… (also, the road is at the bottom of the photo. I know you’re thinking, “There’s a road there???”)


Totally worth being outside in my pjs, right?

This story reminded me of a lightning storm last year that was so intense that I decided to go outside during it. (Obviously.) There I stood on our tiny covered porch while buckets of water rushed over me, drenching me within seconds. It was raining so hard that I could barely see what was in front of me. Completely mesmerized by nature, I watched as a bolt of lightning struck down part of a tree pretty close by. Undeterred, I stood my ground, a giant maniacal grin plastered to my face. Even my breathing was affected by how hard the rain was coming down; I couldn’t catch a full one. Basically, I was hyperventilating. Somewhere behind me, I could faintly hear shouting coming from within the house. When I was good and ready to, I finally went back inside. “Sometimes it amazes me that you made it to 33.”

With the big 3-5 up next, I’m definitely going to be taking safety and precaution seriously. Yeah…that’s not going to happen. Who’s with me?

The last time I went to the movies was before Justin Bieber ruined music forever

January 30, 2013

I haven’t been in a movie theater in four years. The last movie I saw was Rambo (which I thoroughly enjoyed), but just take a moment to think of all the amazing movies that I’ve missed since then. [Still thinking? I know. There are a ton of them.] And really, I love nothing more than seeing movies on the big screen, except that I don’t go much for the people in the room with me. I hear every single conversation that they have. Enough so that it’s all I think about while the movie blithely continues on losing me completely. And yes, you are correct, I have gotten into arguments with people during movies. I saw the Matrix six times in the theater and got groups of people to leave twice.

It seems like an eternity waiting for movies to come out on blu-ray and we only buy a handful of them. We don’t go for paying for new releases on cable (really Comcast? $7.99 to watch Donnie Yen’s new movie??), screw Netflix who’s just laughing at everyone with their ridiculous streaming video contents and unless we feel like springing for Redbox (which is super handy but involves standing outside in the freezing cold browsing for movies at this time of the year), we end up waiting for HBO to deliver the goods which means that by the time we see a movie, everyone in the world has already seen it. And it’s just never quite the same as seeing [insert favorite actor’s face here] magnified twenty times.

So, here’s the plan: get super rich and build a movie screen in our giant house. This defeats the complaint of seeing movies later than everyone else but hello? Giant movie screen minus the public. Total win.

I’d get a lot more accomplished if I could remember things.

January 26, 2013

So I was “helping” Matt out in the kitchen last night (I’ll let you catch up here on my quality kitchen skills) and I discovered that the packet for the oatmeal I’d made that day doubles as a measuring cup for the water. Pretty crafty! As I was explaining this to him, I forgot what I was talking about. In the middle of my sentence. Completely gone from my mind.

Matt: “Will you go get my phone for me, please?” I went into the living room and grabbed it. “Now log in and access the camera roll. That first picture is for you. I saved it for you today.”

Here’s the picture:

want what

Best timing ever.