Why being on meds is OK

I read this article on Glamour today and found myself unable to move along without commenting on it. Women Are Ditching Their Antidepressants at Higher Rates Than Men—The Reasons Are Complicated This article is disturbing to me on multiple levels. The title is off-putting because it sets it up as “men vs women” when it’s […]

An Ode to Anxiety

Anxiety is an atrocious beast. There’s the old phrase that having anxiety causes more of it. Yep. It certainly does. I got lost at a city festival last weekend. I was trying to get back to a group of friends while visiting another group. I was in a city I’m pretty familiar with. On a […]

Obsess much?

I have an obsessive personality. You’re shocked, right? I do things without realizing I do them. The amount of times I’m asked if purple is my favorite color is almost obscene. Without realizing it, I’ll wear multiple items of purple each day, plus my hair is purple and goes with me no matter what, obviously. […]

Still here

February is gone. The slow crawl into March begins. Some days, I’m at the top of my game, barreling through the things I need to do, giving no fucks, getting shit done. Other days, I’m curled up on the couch, trying to reach outside my thoughts. I’m still here. I hope you are, too.


February is for sitting on your fucking couch February is for a final attempt at hibernation February is for telling the outside world to go fuck itself, come back in the spring February is for dreaming February is for plotting through the pain February is for climbing through the darkest tunnel seeking that tiny pinprick […]