Under Pressure

Still one of the best scenes I’ve seen in anything.

If you haven’t watched It’s Kind of a Funny Story, watch the full movie on Hulu first. It’s an extraordinary exploration of depression, as is Ned Vizzini’s semi-autobiographical book that it’s based on. It puts mental illness in a relatable form. It shows how our sadness is common and unique at the same time. And Keir Gilchrist and Zach Galifianakis’ performances are masterpieces.

Ned Vizzini took his own life at age 32 in 2013, seven years after his book was published and three years after the movie premiered, reaching a wider audience. Before his sudden death, he toured schools talking with students openly about his severe depression and mental illness. He spoke about the healing properties of writing and encouraged people to use the tool. He shared his depths to help others. Even if, in the end, he couldn’t help himself.

Our brains are our own worst enemies. Constantly assaulting us with lies. Be kind to yourself. Please try.

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