Obsess much?

I have an obsessive personality. You’re shocked, right? I do things without realizing I do them. The amount of times I’m asked if purple is my favorite color is almost obscene. Without realizing it, I’ll wear multiple items of purple each day, plus my hair is purple and goes with me no matter what, obviously. I almost left my house this morning in a purple sweater under my purple jacket with purple shoes on and my purple watchband and my bag that’s predominantly purple. I finally caught myself and switched out my purple sweater for a grey shirt. So basically, I’m still Grimace, just a little toned down. I just got a laptop cover that’s purple. I have a purple office. I just bought purple boxing gloves for my newest obsession. I’m the Marcia Brady of purple. Purple, purple, purple.

Concerning collections, I have a ridiculous amount of Funkos, kawaii riffraff, tokidoki items, cats, sloths, unicorns, Star Wars, Deadpool, interesting lights, all the things really. I can’t even think of things to add to the list right, there are so many. My old office was overflowing. Every speck of wall was covered, every inch of desk was taken, I was buried in doodads. People had panic attacks just walking by. I remember at one point, I had my Littlest Pet Shop collection (only over a hundred at that time – don’t worry, it grew) all on my desk facing me. My friend commented that they were all staring at me, a tiny little scary army, ready to go to battle. Once I discover a new find or brand, I’m stuck in its quicksand. I can’t seem to stop the insatiable need to get more, more, more. Sorry, Marie Khondo, I’m just not your girl.

I have this with TV and movies, too. You want to know everything about the actor who said that rando one-liner in an episode of Law and Order: SVU? On it. I’ll do deep dives on anything that catches my interest. Three days later, I’ll still be telling my husband useless facts on obscure subjects. “Still on that, huh?” is a common phrase muttered in our house.

This extends outside of me, of course. And for this, I apologize. If, for instance, you like doughnuts, you are going to get YEARS of doughnut-related items to fill up all the spaces in your house. You will get coasters, pool floats, necklaces, erasers, cards, anything I can get my grabby hands on. You don’t want any more? Sorry! Can’t help it. My suggestion to you is to never, ever tell me about anything you like. It’s really on you if my OPD (obsessive personality disorder, obvs) extends into your life. You’ve been warned.

Here I am at the coffee shop being purple.

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