If you like these songs, you should definitely swing by our house

My husband has XM Radio and has introduced me to some new music. Actually, now that I think of it, we discovered some of these songs through commercials. Which is kind of embarrassing. Also, I really want to work at Sam Adams. Anyway, new music is great, right? Totally. Except that I have a somewhat obsessive personality and you probably wouldn’t want to be here right now because I have listened to the same seven songs about 30 times in a row. If my husband were here, I wouldn’t be listening in such a manner, but he’s not so only the cats can complain and Tabitha is busy hopping around the room while mewling at the top of her lungs, so she’s too busy to notice (or perhaps she’s singing and dancing along??).

Right when I get to the end of the really short playlist, I’ll think, “Play them again? Why, yes I will.” And away I go…

And if you think listening to a bunch of songs over and over is bad, it’s a good thing you didn’t live across the hall from me sophomore year of college when I listened to Creep by Radiohead on repeat. At top volume. For WEEKS.

(Oh, wait, you did? Sorry, Rachel!)


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