As a surprising activity, both in the fun sense and because my mom suggested it, we two spent hours the other day making “snowpeople” (per my mom’s delineation) as part of moving the giant mound of snow that was taking up the space where my car needed to go. Instead of just making another ugly mound somewhere else, we hauled tons of gardening buckets full of snow and dumped them into shape. My mom was so into the project that at one point, when we needed a smaller bucket to shape the heads, she brought a dirty one from the garage inside to wash it. THAT is dedication.

A lot of laughter and falling over was involved in their creation; making the arduous task pretty delightful. Somehow the pile that looked like it’d be there forever was reduced to a bit of ice on the gravel and six new forms were packed into place, lining the walkway. Mom left the decorating up to me. I’m sure if she’d been involved with this part, they’d be a lot less weird, but she was proud our accomplishment even after I finished them up.

Next time you have a pile of snow that needs moving, you should do this:

The whole family!

I has antlers!

AND A TAIL! (And check out my carroty lip stain. Oooh!)

Eye see you with my pokey eyes!

I have the greatest headpiece of all.

I lurve you.

Not as much as I lurve YOU!

Thumbs up? Pointing? Not sure, either.

Heyyy, who put snow on us?

New do!

Good lighting reminds us that we still have our tail.

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