Depression sucks

Depression fucking sucks. It’s hard to describe. It’s hard to understand. It’s hard to experience. Some days are amazing. Just getting out of bed feels like climbing a mountain on others.

I have all sorts of music that lifts me out of it and music that keeps me enveloped in the sadness. Sometimes the only place I want to be is in that fog. I wish I could explain why but that’s part of the disorder.

Sometimes I get really frustrated with the sads. I get angry with myself for feeling unmotivated, or for procrastinating, or for not being able to pinpoint what’s causing the sadness, or for wasting a day buried under my covers. This song by Watsky is for that mood and I wanted to share it, in case you’ve never heard it.

Here are a few of Watsky’s lyrics that speak to me:

“I know I’m often told
That there’s no pot of gold
But I don’t see no fucking rainbow and my coffee’s cold
I know I should be grateful
I know I’m good and able
But I don’t have the strength to get up from the kitchen table”

How do you deal with your sadness?


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