I say “Whee” a lot when I’m driving.

It’s a pretty good indication of how I drive.

I went to my parents’ house the other day. A couple days before there had been a snow storm in which I made tracks up the driveway once and in the meantime an ice storm had followed. This left the obnoxiously un-plowed driveway with a car track covered by about 2 inches of ice surrounded by icy snow. Adding insult to injury, the town had plowed about 2 feet of snow into the end of the driveway turning it into a roller coaster. Not easily deterred, I made a go at it, coming in from the right and got stuck in the driveway. Backed up, went forward, stuck. Backed up, went forward, stuck. Repeat far too many times. I had the peddle at full force the throughout all of it causing the engine to rev like it was preparing for a drag race. Snow was kicking up everywhere. I then decided that that if I burned through enough snow using this strategy, I’d be able to make it up the driveway. No dice.

A normal person, at this point, would park the car and walk the 50 feet up the driveway. You’ll be shocked to know that I am not a normal person.

I put the car in reverse, shot out of the driveway onto the road, positioned my car dead on so that I’d have a straight path and gunned it like my life was over. As the car careened up the driveway, narrowly missing the fence, it rocketed along the icy path, kicking up what looked like pounds of snow in its wake. Finally, it cleared the house, obviously getting close enough to induce heart attacks, but I had arrived. This is when I saw the squirrels running in terror, literally diving for cover. I opened my door, wafted in the smell of burning tires and stomped to the house muttering, “I’ll show YOU what a beetle is capable of doing.”


  1. Nope but when my Dad asked if my mom would be able to make it up the driveway when she returned from her trip, I said I was pretty sure she wouldn’t go about it the way I did and then told him the story. He laughed the entire time. :)

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