Not only did I chop it all off, now I have bangs for the first time!

Well, it’s been cut and donated! Please take a look at the story of how I grew my hair long enough to have two eight inch ponytails to donate. Or I pretty much just summed it up for you. I measured it a few weeks ago and it was FINALLY long enough to cut! I spent that last week in every hairdo that I’ll be missing in the upcoming months (double french braids, lots of buns, more braids, really it was just a major braid festival on my head) and woke up excited about our trip to Connecticut to celebrate my dad’s birthday and to chop it all off!

I entered my parents’ house looking like this:


Here’s the back view:


And off my mom and I went to her hair salon. My mom treated me by springing for the owner, Cher, who does her hair. Total Look in Southport CT does an excellent job on my mom’s hair each month and did an amazing job for my wedding.

From that point, things got official with measuring sticks, scissors and electric shavers.


So ready for this! It felt great when the scissors worked their way through the first cut.


Ready for the next cut! (I think there was the thought that I might want to stop here passing through everyone’s heads. Nope!) Keep going, Cher!


This was when the clippers were needed since my hair is so thick.


Bzzzzzz. Bye hair!


SHORT!!!! Onto the next big thing: Bangs!! I’ve never had bangs before. I queried Cher about it and her immediate response was, “Yes! Bangs!” And so, here’s what I looked like when I left the salon!


(Technically, it’s what I looked like when we were dying Easter eggs for the super competitive family hunt that was to occur the next morning. More on that later…)

Here are the pony tails! About to be packed up and sent off to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.


Check out the program here and please donate your hair. It’s for a wonderful cause and, at least for me, feels really great when you do it!

I’m on Twitter being weird, if you like that sort of thing. I just started a new job, so my posts (both here and there) are a bit more infrequent as I adjust to my new schedule but I am coming back strong shortly. Have a great week!


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