I know I’ve been posting a lot about dressing up our cats, but to be fair, we HAVE been dressing them up a lot

So, two of the cats’ birthdays were this past week (Tabitha and Piper) and I actually know their birthdays as opposed to Quinny’s, who I have a general idea about (Jul 10thish) and Milo’s, who I’m not even sure how old he is, let alone privy to his exact birthday. I mentioned to Matt via loud shouty text message that it was their birthdays (thanks for the reminder, Petco!) and left it at that.

Matt came home bearing food (uh, we had run out. a day earlier. oops.) and toys (he bought them birthday presents!). He’d also coming bearing gifts for me since the cats certainly weren’t going to be happy about these presents. Sweaters!!! I remember a time when Matt said, “No. Absolutely not. Under no circumstances are we dressing the cats up.” And then this happened. And then this. And now he’s buying them outfits…So now he’s on the “well at least if it’s only to torture them, I’ll do it” train. And torture them we did.

Piper immediately climbed into the shoe box and pressed his body as close to the bottom of it as he could. Then he slunk out and pinned his body to the floor, glaring at us every once in a while.


Tabitha took over the box and showed off her pretty princess self.


Both were THRILLED when we released them from their prisons.

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