The last time I went to the movies was before Justin Bieber ruined music forever

I haven’t been in a movie theater in four years. The last movie I saw was Rambo (which I thoroughly enjoyed), but just take a moment to think of all the amazing movies that I’ve missed since then. [Still thinking? I know. There are a ton of them.] And really, I love nothing more than seeing movies on the big screen, except that I don’t go much for the people in the room with me. I hear every single conversation that they have. Enough so that it’s all I think about while the movie blithely continues on losing me completely. And yes, you are correct, I have gotten into arguments with people during movies. I saw the Matrix six times in the theater and got groups of people to leave twice.

It seems like an eternity waiting for movies to come out on blu-ray and we only buy a handful of them. We don’t go for paying for new releases on cable (really Comcast? $7.99 to watch Donnie Yen’s new movie??), screw Netflix who’s just laughing at everyone with their ridiculous streaming video contents and unless we feel like springing for Redbox (which is super handy but involves standing outside in the freezing cold browsing for movies at this time of the year), we end up waiting for HBO to deliver the goods which means that by the time we see a movie, everyone in the world has already seen it. And it’s just never quite the same as seeing [insert favorite actor’s face here] magnified twenty times.

So, here’s the plan: get super rich and build a movie screen in our giant house. This defeats the complaint of seeing movies later than everyone else but hello? Giant movie screen minus the public. Total win.


  1. That’s the exact reason I don’t go to the movies. Netflix streaming is what it is, we get a good connection here, the movies available though…. On the other hand, they have some pretty good TV shows if you want to watch full seasons or full series at a time. There’s a handful of things I DVR so I can watch them when *I* want to. Other than sports and Game of Thrones, I don’t really care about watching in real time though.

    1. Hi Bill! I agree on all fronts. And the only real reason I keep Netflix is for the shows (I’m actually writing a post on that right now). I also DVR some shows but sometimes I’m a season behind when I jump on the band wagon for something so Netflix helps on that front. I haven’t watched a show in real time for years (I’m always a few days behind on my dvr), so I try to avoid seeing anything about current episodes. So, all in all, yay for the dvr and one thumb up for Netflix.

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