Just a few months more and then I can cut it off

My hair is long right now. Like really, really, really, really long. And my head seems to shed even more than the cats do and we have four of them. I’d like to cut it off, like, to-my-head-gone-right-this-instant-immediately but I’m donating it. I recently discovered that Pantene has a program similar to Locks of Love (who I donated to last time). The difference is that Pantene requests that the donated ponytail is at least 8″ in length as opposed to the 10″ that LOL requires. My “extra” hair is 16″ long right now (I told you it was long!). I figure that I need 2 inches more to get the required length in the cutting process,  so I’m looking at another few months before I can cut it off. I really have absolutely nothing to complain about here as I recognize that my hair is going to those who are battling cancer and therefore don’t have any, so I’ll just shut my mouth about it. I am really excited about donating two ponytails though as it takes six to make a wig. So instead of contributing 1/6th to a really long hair wig, I can donate two shorter ponytails and get a wig even closer to making someone happy.


  1. Wow thats amazing! I’ve always admired people who grew out their hair and donated it for a good cause. When my grandmother lost her hair I remember how excited she was to have a nice wig and that’s what everyone should have. I wish my hair grew faster/longer or I would donate too!

    1. Hi Jon! Thanks for commenting. I’d not heard of their program either but my hairdresser mentioned it and thought that their length requirement was shorter than Locks of Love. I researched it and it’s true! So, since my hair is so long, I figured that I might as well wait it out.

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