Who dresses their cats in dog sweaters?

We do!! Although we only put Piper and Tabitha in the sweater since Quinny would freak the f out and Milo’s an old guy so the best way to torture him is by holding him against his will until he growls a whole bunch and hisses at us. This takes about eight seconds and is in the top 10 of my favorite activities ever.

And now, cats in doggy sweaters:


The cats’ immediate reaction after a sweater has been forced on their body is to slink to the ground and shove along the floor in this position. Sometimes they punch other cats.

Tabitha and the Wolf

Yes, I AM wearing a wolf hat. Owwwwoooooooo!!!!


  1. My Russian Blue thug Parker (shoudda named him Putin) likes wearing his Santa Claws sweater because he’s used to wearing his two cat coats –one is a black leather-look motorcycle jacket with a cream sheepskin collar for his hell-raising moods; the other is a subdued tweed Norfolk jacket, belted in back with the traditional two buttons — his country squire “rich English oligarch” look. He killed a vole wearing this coat, and didn’t even get blood on it– you could call it his hunting jacket.

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