2013 is ALL about writing and being awesome.

Sooooo, I’m back. Not that any of you even realized that I was gone. Or that there was actually an “any of you” but that’s cool. This year, I’m all about writing about lots of things, not just talking ad nauseam about commercials that we’ve all seen. Speaking of, though, have you noticed that the FreeCreditScore guys are back? Um, me too! “It might alert your butt.” Yep, that one was for me. It turns out that I only complained about how much I hated the new FCS guys on the facey-space but that’s not going to stop me from mentioning it. You’ll get used to my brain, don’t worry.

I vow in 2013 to inform you a LOT more about my cats. Just today, I had this excellent conversation with a friend on FB about them:


This is just the beginning, my friends, so hold on ’cause it’s gonna get bumpy.

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