Piper, the Veggie Freak

Piper is our least affectionate cat, but he’s the one who you crave it from most. The best time to catch him off guard is when he’s asleep or very very sleepy. This is your gateway to belly rubs and some of the cutest sounds you ever will hear. The rest of the time, you’ll find him dodging you. He is the KING of pressing his body as close to the ground while you attempt to pet him or darting by your outstretched hand. Sometimes, just because I’m his mom, I like to hold him on my lap, feet akimbo, belly in the air and make him dance and dance and dance. This could be why he acts like he does. Too late now to change him so dance on, I say!

He does eat pretty much anything though. Crackers fall to the floor. “Crunch, crunch, crunch.” He’ll practically beat you up for your yogurt. And he really likes fruits and vegetables.

Tonight I was eating green beans and he stalked me as I brought them over to the computer. And off we went. A big bite for Mom, a little bite for Piper. A big bite for Mom, a little bite for Piper. I even took a video of him. Keep in my that he does not stick around for long periods of time in fear that I might tackle him. The video only captures the part where he’s on the ground. He jumped into my lap and ate green beans with me for at least ten minutes. Unheard of! And I swear to you, as I took the last bite of the last one, he was off my lap like a rocket. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get and I’ll love it!

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