More Animal Entertainment

Here’s a picture of Milo with his eyes open! No flash!

Milo and Piper in a grooming sort of a battle:

Tabitha loves boxes. LOVES THEM. Box open, stuff removed, in goes Tabitha. I love this picture. I think it captures the strangeness of her obsession.

This was a photo that infuriated me because my lens (not my regular macro) just WOULD NOT FOCUS. So frustrating. But then Matt pointed out that it shows what they’re looking at out the window. Picture saved. I guess.

And exciting news! We have a nest! There was a mommy bird hanging out (I’d hear her coo a lot) and Matt went out onto the back porch one day and said that he discovered eggs in our plant hanger! Not only that, but the mom bird (a dove) (and single mom, apparently), will actually stay on her nest when Matt goes outside to smoke a cigarette. So not only does he have to walk by her to get out onto the porch, but he’s 3 feet from her when he’s out there! And she stays! She stares at him but doesn’t fly away.

Here is a shot of her and a shot of the eggs (she flew away when I was taking pictures. Apparently, Matt is her boyfriend.)

So excited about the babies!!!!!! Future update to come!

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