My Peeps

We got early easter basket goodness tonight at the homestead. Included were chocolate covered coffee beans. Matt told me not to eat any. Then he told me to eat a bunch. I ate 7 and flew around my parent’s house for a good long while, shouting things like “pew pew pew.” Then I was told to knock it off. Not cool considering the circumstances.

My brother and Matt decided that they wanted to roast the peeps, included in the baskets, over a fire. Burny mouths and subsequent (shocking) goodness followed. Here are some of the pictures that documented the occasion.

(without my flash [loathe flash], some pictures that I wanted eluded me, and what with the ADD free for all I was ensconced in, I couldn’t quite put in the effort to actually try and care. I’m including the fuzzy ones because that’s the kind of awesome that I am.)

By the way? This was my easter basket:


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