The household critters…

Sooo, there are these funny little creatures that live in our house with us. I know, I know, “Your cat is so funny and unique and nobody has a cat like you and blah blah blah and I’m so allergic and I hate them and they scratch and wah wah wah.” They keep me entertained, and since it’s my space, here’s a story:
Piper (my formerly girl kitten who turned out to be a boy cat. patience.) loves bottle caps. He hears the hiss and stands right next to you waiting patiently until he can go bat-shit crazy with it.
He bats them around, willy nilly, flying through the living room/kitchen/dining room/bedroom, sometimes with Tabitha on his heels. What usually happens is that after 20 minutes of noisiness, the bottle cap gets lodged under a rug.
Then he does that stupid thing that cats do where they try to reach for something by using the backside of their paws. Logic would say, use the part with the claws. They can stick to stuff! But, alas: Cats? Not so smart. So he’ll sort of push his body around the top of the rug in circles, with his front paws feeling around in front of him and his bottle cap? Never shall he meet again (until the next hiss, of course).

So, I wake up this morning and go into to the living room where Matt is starting his day. He asks, “Hey, did you happen to pull out one of the baskets from the coffee table and put everything that was in it on the floor?”
“Huh. Piper was being a loud idiot last night with a bottle cap and I finally took it away from him. I put it in one of the baskets so that he couldn’t get it. He waited until I went to sleep and then he pulled out the basket! He removed everything! And is now playing with said cap.”
Hmmm, maybe not so dumb, eh?

Here’s a crappy phone picture taken a couple of minutes ago. Piper is the one trying to get god-knows-what from under the couch and Tabitha is supervising.

I’ll post better pictures of them from my real camera when I’m feeling less lazy. One of these day I’ll get around to transferring the 5 billion pictures I have of them sleeping. You’re on the edge of your seat. I can feel it.

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