Matt drove me to the doctor this afternoon and as we maneuvered our way on snowy I-95, we chatted randomly. Side note: by maneuver, I mean avoid all the pig-headed SUV owners out there who think that just because they’re bigger and have 4-wheel drive, that it’s necessary to drive like they would if it was a sunny regular day, haphazardly knocking people out of the way. Matt’s Legacy has all-wheel drive, too, but he also possesses common sense. This is clearly something that they surgically remove from your brain once you sign the papers for your gas-guzzler.

Speaking of surgery, we were chatting about human abnormalities and at one point, he added, “And she had 17 toes.”

Me? “That’s too many. No wait, that’s too few…No. Wait.”

Shut up.

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