Getting My Nerd On

So, it’s been a good four years since I actually spent time on this blog. A blip in 2006 and then nada. There are times when I try to come back and nothing comes out.

When I last posted though, I was immersed in Dave Barry’s blog; it being a daily visit.

Last night at the Palace Theatre in Stamford, I went to see Dave Barry talk. My whole family went and it was a big night for me, on a personal, totally nerding out, level. He did not disappoint. Being the Dave Barry-o-phile that I am, I recognized a good 80% of his material. Sometimes, I said the punch lines along with him (quietly, of course. I’m not THAT rude, am clearly that crazy though).

After the show, I burst out of the theatre and was the 3rd person in line to meet him. I’d brought a copy of Dave Barrys Greatest Hits along with me, circa 1988, the copy I’d read hundreds of times. My mom questioned me at dinner why I didn’t go out and buy a hard copy of the book to have him sign if it was my favorite. “No, Mom. It’s this copy that’s important to me.” She doesn’t get these things. So, I shook his hand, so excited. And as he was signing the book, I mentioned that I’d been an “Alert Reader” once, a big moment for me. He shook my hand again in response. Bigger moment. So that was that. A chapter comes full circle. On to the next thing…

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